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Collection Team: Get the Recognition You Deserve!

The collections team performs a critical function for a company: they bring in the valuable cash the company needs to survive and grow. How do you manage your collections?  How do you prioritize, resolve disputes and interact with your internal clients in sales and finance?  If you are like most collections teams, you utilize a combination of accounting systems,  spreadsheets, emails, faxes and Post-It notes to manage your daily tasks. 

There is a better way


With an automated, user-friendly collections management system such as CashOnTime,  you will streamline and simplify everything you do. From prioritizing which customers to contact to alerting all stakeholders of an invoice dispute, an automated system like CashOnTime removes the chaos and puts you in control of the collections process.

CashOnTime was designed by collections professionals for collections professionals.  With CashOnTime, you’ll take collections management from the backroom to the boardroom of the company using:

  • Role-based desktop and dashboards with segmentation and prioritization

  • Automated Dunning Procedures

  • Internal User Views and analytical reporting for complete visibility

  • Dispute Resolution and Collaboration

  • Customer Service Portal

  • Full tracking and monitoring of your email communication

  • Full integration with Accounting, epay and CRM systems for the most up-to-date information and streamlined communications


Get the recognition you deserve with a tool designed to meet your specific challenges.


Find out more about CashOnTime.

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