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Collection for Finance Executives

Cash is king and, lately, many finance executives have had to reevaluate their cash flow management strategy to free up cash flow. One popular and effective tactic is to decrease the amount of time it takes to collect receivables and alleviate the potential cash flow traffic jam.

According to CFO Magazine, more than 60% of working capital for many companies is tied up in outstanding invoices.

There is a better way

With an automated collections management system like CashOnTime, a company can expect to

  • reduce DSO;

  • decrease past due accounts;

  • reduce bad debts;

  • resolve invoicing disputes faster;

  • improve productivity, planning and prioritization of collection activities;

  • gain valuable insight into collection performance;

  • reach clients faster.


CashOnTime automates your collections processes and strategies for improved productivity, account prioritization and segmentation, collaborative dispute resolution and actionable reporting.  Learn more about how our collections management suite can improve your DSO and free cash flow. 

Find out more about CashOnTime.  


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