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Collections for Enterprise Businesses!


Cash is king and, in a challenging global economy, Enterprise businesses are more than ever in a situation where they have to pay a lot of attention to cash collection and cash flow improvement. Very often, Enterprise Businesses have invested huge amount of money in their ERP systems. Yet, they manage their collections on spreadsheets. With global, multi sites, multi currency operations, wide varieties of offerings, large number of clients and invoices, it is a must for Enterprise Businesses to optimize their collections processes and better manage their customers’ relationship.


CashOnTime Enterprise is for you!


 CashOnTime Enterprise offers the most powerful Credit and Collections solution to meet the specific needs and requirements of large multinational organizations, provide a lot of sophistication and unparalleled ease of use at the same time.

There is a better way


With CashOnTime Enterprise:

  • reduce DSO

  • decrease past due accounts

  • reduce bad debts

  • resolve invoicing disputes faster

  • improve productivity, planning and prioritization of collection activities

  • gain valuable insight into collection performance

  • reach clients faster


Find out more about CashOnTime Enterprise.

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